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    Automobile and Parts Industry

    Automobile and Parts Industry

    Feiliks focuses on the management of automobile and parts manufacturing supply chain. With digitization of various industries, such transformations have brought strategic challenges to vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers. Improving the efficiency of supply chain management and logistics services has become the focus of automobile and parts manufacturing industry.

    Industrial Insights

    1. As the most complex supply chain, automobile supply chain consists of complex manufacturing process and variety of necessary raw materials. This has brought difficulty for supply chain management. In addition, it takes the lead in the creation of “lean manufacturing” concept and the application of supply chain services such as VMI and JIT.

    2. Digital factory: In the industrial 4.0 era, digitalization has become the basis of intelligent manufacturing. Manufacturing automation has become more flexible, intelligent and highly-integrated. The era of digital supply chain is coming.

    3. Intensifying competition in the automotive industry: the competition in the automotive industry has been upgraded from a single enterprise to industrial systems and supporting capabilities. Integrated supply chain management services can significantly increase competitiveness.

    4. The supply chain ecosphere of the whole automobile industry chain: through innovation and practice of the supply chain, automobile aftermarket has been developed, including parts supply to production and sale of the whole automobile. Such actions further help form a complete industrial chain.


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