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    2018-2020: Service innovation, committed to becoming a “data&technology-driven expert of management of intelligent supply chain”

    January 2020

    New business: TMS, CRM- Neocrm(including the APP)

    April 2019

    Construction of Feiliks Southwest Supply Chain Base started, shaping a Feiliks Global Electronic Parts Distribution Center

    June 2018

    Feiliks Automated Multi-layered Warehouse had been transformed and put into operation, realizing intelligent warehousing

    January 2018

    Cooperated with IBM to develop strategic landing consultancy projects, promoting landing of company goals and strategies

    2008-2017, created integrated supply chain management solutions to achieve differentiated development

    March 2017

    Selected as the First National Pilot Enterprises of Non-Truck Operating Common Carriers

    October 2016

    Cooperated with IBM to develop SAP project

    August 2016

    Awarded the title of National 5A-Class Logistics Enterprise

    March 2016

    Passed the certification of Environmental Management System ISO14001:2015

    October 2015

    Became the Pilot Enterprise of Drop and Pull Transport in the Ministry of Transport and National Development and Reform Commission

    July 2011

    Listed A shares in the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 300240


    Kunshan Feili Storage Service Co., Ltd. was restructured and renamed Jiangsu Feiliks International Logistics Inc.
    2003-2007, consolidated competitive advantage of freight forwarding logistics services and actively expanded supply chain logistics services


    Passed the Security Requirements of TAPA-FSR (Transported Asset Protection Association) of SGS with A Classification (Highest Level)


    Feili developed and started the B2B project, and Wistron became our first customer to successfully exchange the operation system
    1993-2002, the company was established, acquired the qualification of freight forwarding logistics industry, obtained customer recognition, and our business prospered rapidly


    Passed the certification of Quality Management System – ISO9001: 2008


    Kunshan Feili Storage Service Co., Ltd. was established and has embarked on its entrepreneurship trajectory since then
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